What documents are needed for Pvt Ltd Company Registration?

What is the meaning of the term Company Form?
The term Company Formation is basically used in the UK for the process of incorporation of any business in that country. However, this term is also referrers to as company registration. As per the Company Law, UK as well as most other international laws the company or corporation has measured a body that is divided from the people who possess the company. In the present Internetera, most of the UK based companies are formed on the same day of your application online.

However, the company can be formed by individuals, solicitors or specialized agents. A certain amount of money says about 100 dollars is needed as fees of Company Registration. This fee does not incorporate the expenses of witnessing documents or making memorandum as well as articles of association for a company.
What documents are required for registration of the company?
There is a procedure, which the company owner is to be followed step by step for registration of the company. Some documents are also needed to form a company and get the registration from the registrar. However, the procedure of registration may be varied from cone country to another. The documents, which are needed to a company formation are-
• PAN Card of the Directors and Shareholders
• Aadhar Card or Voter card for national applicants
• Passport for international applicants
• Scan copy of the signature of applicants, which should be matched on PAN card.

To obtain the approval of proposed registered address
• Any utility bill
• The copy of rent agreement along with NOC from the Landlord or landowner.
If you decide to form a company, you may take the help of Internet to know how to form a company and the process of registration your company. Minimum 2 shareholders are needed for obtaining Pvt Ltd Company Registration as per the Company’s Act. In a Pvt. Ltd. companymaximum, 200 shareholders can exist.

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