Samsung Galaxy S9 – Upcoming Technology

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is an upgrade to the first Galaxy which extremely successful throughout a year ago and is the most recent handset from Samsung. Samsung have done an excellent job with all the handset making it very lightweight and slick while been one of the strongest smartphones available in the marketplace now. They’ve contained gyroscopic accelerometer detectors and a strong dual core processor to help make the user experience pleasing and smooth.
In regards to the style of the mobile is the way slender it is what really stands out, images don’t do justice to it. It measures only 8.49millimeter in depth making it the smallest smartphone on the market now. The enormous 4.3 inch superb AMOLED touch screen is glowing and dazzling and actually sets the stage for the ultimate Android encounter. Pictures and videos look sharp and crisp also it is easily one of the most effective screens I’ve experienced on a mobile device, this even tops Apple’s much acclaimed Retina Display on the iPhone.
The samsung galaxy s9 features the typical bells and whistles that may be located on modern smartphones. The 8 megapixel camera features geo tagging, immediate touch focus, a flash and image stabilization, this all works to generate amazing looking pictures which can be never blurred or out. You can even make use of the camera to record total 1080P High Definition video that may then be immediately uploaded to Facebook or YouTube. The handset supports an assortment of media formats including MP3 and MP4 and also has Bluetooth, GPS, 512MB of ram. You can even make use of the Galaxy S9 and your home network to connect and stream media files right to the handset.
The central processing unit has found an important upgrade on the last version. The first Galaxy was powered by way of a 1ghz hummingbird central processing unit, yet Samsung have contained the 1.2ghz dual core Snapdragon central processing unit with the S9. They’ve also updated the available quantity of storage and RAM. The Galaxy S9 runs on the most up-to-date Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread upgrade and Samsung have made a commitment to push out Android upgrades as fast as possible in the future which is something they’ve been quite lousy at in the past.

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