Different used of curp in Mexico and its description

curp refers to unique population registry code. It is a type of personal ID code for the citizens of Mexico. In the same manner, rfc stands for federal tax payer registry. These are unique 18 character codes to avoid duplication of entries. Its code is made using your name, surname, date of birth and state codes. It was introduced in the year 1996 by the Federal Government. This is provided to every citizen of Mexico and even for those living abroad. If you want to stay in Mexico with the legal identity, this document is the required thing.

Uses of curp:
• Used in filing tax returns.
• To keep records in schools and companies.
• To apply for Government jobs in Mexico.
• Application of passport.
• If you want to get an admission in Government run hospital.
• They are now also used in individual records like birth and death records.
Curp cards:
Issurance: Initially they were obtained from court Government offices. They were traditionally printed on green paper. Now they are laminated on white paper and made with online website. Its online website is www.Curpyrfc.me. Anyone can visit its site and apply for the court y rfc by filling the easy online form. They generate a unique number which is to be shown at Government offices.

Description: Any curp card is 5.4 cm wide and 8.6 cm long. It easy fits in a wallet. And these days comes in laminated form. The front of the card provides the 18 character along with your name and the date of registration. The back of the card contains a unique folio number.
It is the best document used by Mexico Governments. curp y rfcunique method of attaining 18- character code. They need to show at all Government offices to get your work done. If you don’t have this card and still living in Mexico, then sue can be deported.

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