create PENCIL PORTRAIT using paint my photo

Pencil portrait can be of two types: black and white portrait and colour portrait depending upon whether only black pencil is used or coloured pencils are used to shade.
Pencil Painting or Pencil Shading plays an important role in realistic art. It is said to be an art which is used to show the depth of the subject or the drawing. Drawing is the imaginative piece of art on the two dimensional material while the real subject is three dimensional in nature with value and contrast, thus shading is a technique which makes your subject look real to the maximum level possible.

Shading is a remarkable aspect of drawing and it is very beneficial. Pencil Shading is an incredible technique which brings and adds life to your two dimensional and flat drawing giving it a realistic and natural appeal. It is of great value when it comes to addition of subtle details to your drawings to impart life. Without shading a drawing looks lifeless, plain and dead. Shading adds life to a lifeless drawing. Secondly, it helps in bringing out the 3 D aspect of your drawing. Every natural object has more than two dimensions and with the help of shading, an artist brings out all the dimensions of the subject carving out the originality of the subject. Thirdly it clearly defines the sketch or the drawing. It is nearly impossible to interpret a drawing without details and shading adds value to the object, brings out its uniqueness and allows audience to identify with the object. Accuracy of shading gives a clear-cut identification and actualization. Lastly it brings professionalism, this simple technique reflect the uniqueness of the artist, thus helps the artist in standing out from the rest of the crowd.
When your favourite photo to painting (pencil one), it gives you a feeling which cannot be expressed in words but can only be felt in the depth of the heart. You again and again look at your painting because it sometimes becomes hard to believe that mere pencil can do such a wonder to an inanimate piece of paper.

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