Best longboards brands- what are the different types of longboards?

As the technology is getting advanced, everyday new equipment is introduced in the market that offers people fun and excitement. One such equipment is longboard, which just similar to a skateboard but it varies in size only. It is often longer than any skateboard and comes in different shapes and sizes. It is much faster due to the wheel size, more precise hardware, and construction material. The best longboard brands are mostly used for downhill racing, sliding, long distance racing and cruising.

If you need to buy the Best longboard Brands than it is important for you to buy additional equipment such as helmet culture, knee pads, and slide gloves. This equipment will help you while sliding. Longboards are same as skateboards regarding general construction and parts. However, the parts of the longboards are much different in dimensions.

Types of best longboards brands:

Sector 9 bamboo longboard

With the classic surf-inspired crave, the deck of the longboard is made of bamboo which is much flexible, stable, durable and lightweight. Its entire construction and parts place this as the most recommendable longboard. The small wheels of these sports equipment make it a speed machine. People who prefer to have stunts and tricks can easily make the use of this type of longboard.

Freestyle longboard

This longboard is boasted of various incredible features that have a right amount of flex. Freestyle longboard weight up to 10lbs and easily used by every individual. The premium spacers and bearings inside the wheels are exceptionally maneuverability. It is perfect for all types of skaters.

Atom drop longboard

This longboard is commonly made for control and speed lovers. It consists of 40-inches long machine with a hybrid deck which is made of bamboo and hardwood maple. These two material used in this longboard makes it robust, durable and flexible.

Thus, you can easily buy any of the above best longboard brands.

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